What To Do When Wild Weather Creates Havoc For Blocked Drains In Brisbane

March 25, 2015 | Plumbing | By Big Wig | 0 Comments

We all know living in QLD has its major risks regarding the weather. Cyclones and Torrential rain can be the fundamental reason for your Toilet and Drains becoming Blocked up. Recently after the Multiple Cyclones to hit Queensland this proved that the most common problem being reported was Damaged Drains, Blocked Toilets, and Blocked Plumbing This makes us think about what prevention measures we need to take next tome to be better prepared.

Flooding Blocked Drains Brisbane

One of the recent concerns about the recent flooding in Brisbane was the damaged caused to domestic house plumbing. As the influx of water happens at such a rapid rate, the Drainage in your home wont cope resulting in Blockages and damage to your plumbing. Most household drainage is made from standard PVC plumbing pipe. At times this can be brittle and will crack without the problem being visible. Knowing these problems will better prepare you for future flooding.

Beware of Debris

The Cyclonic winds also contributes to the debris that builds up in Gutters and Pipes not allowing the water to escape. It is not a smart decision to fix the blockage once the storm has arrived. Allot of the prevention measures should be taken prior to the storm season in QLD. However once the damage was done most of the affected areas paid a hefty price to Drain Blockage Specialists to solve the problem.

There are many good tips to preventing leaves and sticks off trees entering your drainage system. Simply by getting some netting to cover any openings to allow water to pass but capturing the debris. This isn’t fool proof as you will need to get up on a ladder to clean out the built up of clutter. But by taking small precautions it will save some stress while your house or business if getting hammered by the storm.

Blocked Drains during storm periods will cause your household toilet to become Blocked. Many Queenslanders felt the pain of having a blocked or overflowing toilets and many could have been preventable if the right measures were taken place.

Much of these problems are fixed by using drain cleaning and unblocking agents prior to the storm. If you have left it to late be prepared to pay a Professional Blocked Drains and Toilet Specialist to solve your issues.

If you haven’t kept regular maintenance on your home plumbing, any major storm will unearth the smallest problems and amplify it.

It is highly advised for future Cyclonic periods that all home owner should maintain, Clean and repair any damage to Outside Gutters and Down Pipes.

If you experience Toilet Blockages you can attempt to fix it yourself by using a drain Plunger.

  • Firstly – Make sure your apply the plunger with enough pressure to created a firm seal.

  • Secondly – Gently plunge slowly to force the air and water around the Blockage. You may need to do this up to 20 times to loosen the debris.

  • Thirdly – Be Patient as it wont appear to successful straight away. As it built up over time it will take time to remove it.









In Queensland we are at risk of cyclonic weather and heavy rain. This is why we need to make sure we understand what causes Drain Blockages and Toilet clogging to prevent problems caused by our harsh weather.

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