A Wedding With No Photographer

November 11, 2013 | Wedding | By Jamie Grant | 0 Comments

Imagine A Time Before Wedding Photography.

Can you imagine a time before wedding photography? Where we had only our memory and small objects to remind us of the special time we shared with our friends and family. Our family would have differing memories of the same events, as is so common with memory, it changes over time and initial impressions of the same events can be interpreted a hundred different ways through a as many pairs of eyes. I thought I would paint a picture of your special day without a wedding photographer to see what you think.

A wedding without photos?
A wedding without photos? Get outa here!

The months of preparation are complete. You have a wedding planner who has booked a great venue for the nuptials, and exquisite reception to celebrate with your family and friends, you have your old, your new, your borrowed and your blue. There is excitement in the air and you have been debating the merits of throwing rice or confetti as you emerge in blissful connubiality.The day proceeds exactly as you and your wedding planner had envisaged. There was laughter and tears and some sozzled shenanigans from the groom’s drunken uncle. Guests themselves solved the rice/confetti dilemma by throwing both and the page boy and girl delighted everyone by dancing in the coloured cloud.

There are so many special moments when you get married. The elusive tear in the father of the bride’s eye. Grandpa’s heartfelt and hilarious speech, slightly slurred from a celebratory champagne or three where he shares about a lifetime of marriage and the lessons learnt, bridges crossed and rewards for the faithful and pure hearted. The cake is an event in itself and towered above proceedings like a sugar spun Eiffel Tower.


Many Amazing Things Happen At Weddings!!!

Many amazing things such as family fueds are set aside!
Many amazing things happen at weddings…

Many amazing things happen at weddings, feuds are set aside, new love is sparked, old love rekindled and the love of your life affirmed. But what happens when the giddy days are over and sun sets on the Bahaman honeymoon. Memory is a fragile thing and small details easily overlooked or forgotten in the excitement. Small mementos can evoke memories of this cherished time. We catch up with our friends and compare notes and gossip, mostly about drunken Uncle. But the time to gossip and reminisce about our wedding fades quickly, lives move on and folk get tired of harping back to that one big day. The mementos gather dust and memory fades back in to sepia tones in the recesses of our mind.Day to day life encroaches, small dissatisfactions set in. We are surrounded by all the trappings of a married life, but the only place we see our beloveds face with ours may be a glimpse in a shared bathroom mirror. The traditional gilt frames that would house cherished memories do not sit comfortably on the mantle, giving us the daily reminder of the joy in which we came together and chose to share a life.

Photographs of our wedding day may be a small thing, but far from insignificant. The small joy that leavens our heart from the daily grind reminds us of what and who is most important in this world.

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