Top Five Cheap Wedding Ideas

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Most married folk I meet have one common complaint about their wedding: The Cost!

From the hundreds to thousands spent simply on the wedding cake to the thousands and even tens of thousands spent on a photographer weddings can cost up to a whole years income or more for the unwary. Here are the top five tips for have a wedding that comes in under Budget.

1. Location, Location, Location.

One of the most expensive aspects of your wedding will be the location. Some function centres or hotels will charge in the tens of thousands to let you host your wedding in their salubrious surrounds. If you are a merchant banker then this may be ok with you. For those of us who have more modest earnings then other options are appropriate. For the cheapest option have the wedding in your back yard, or a family members back yard or even a friends yard. We are generally blessed in Australia with spacious yards, so make use of all that space. For a fraction of the coat you can hire a marquee and tables and have a wonderful wedding at home.

2. Food

At any designated wedding venue the cost of feeding your guests are likely to verge on the astronomical, however if you have chosen to have a DIY home wedding the food could be one of cheapest aspects of your wedding. Convince friends and family to contribute to your wedding feast with donations and contributions. You can organise a catering company to provide a chef and wait staff for your special day. Or if you are really scrimping on your budget and your friends are willing you may be able to convince them to  cook and serve your feast for you.

3. Alcohol

We all love a tipple at a wedding, and many of us enjoy a drink before and certainly after a wedding, but this can all add up to an exorbitant cost if you are going through a registered venue. However one can offset the cost by convincing parents and step parents to contribute to this cost by pre-purchasing all the alcohol for your home wedding. Purchasing alchohol online has become popular and there are online auctions where you can pick up some bargains even if your parents are teetotallers.

4. Clothing

As the son of a seamstress I have seen hundreds of Brides bedecked in taffeta confections that would boggle the eye and blow the budget. A bespoke gown will cost thousands at the least. This cost can easily be offset by a couple of crafty friends. What a wonderful gift for your big day, a wedding dress handmade by the friends who love you!

5. Photography

I spoke with a friend of mine about wedding photography and she confided in me that of the total cost of her wedding, some seventeen thousand dollars, nearly thirteen thousand was spent on the photographer. She went on to say that since the wedding the incredible expensive prints have never been looked at. We all have a friend who fancies himself or herself as a photographer, so enlist them to take your shots for the day. The photos may not have the pizazz of professional ones. But in this day and age of digital photography you are sure to get some great shots.

More great ideas to save money at your wedding are explored in this video.

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