What Tools Does A Tree Removal Professional Use?

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Suburban tree removal is a tricky job. Often tree loppers must work in precarious and difficult situations around your home. Often they will be required to remove branches that may be overhanging your house, garage or perhaps even your pool. A professional tree removal specialist has a contractual obligation to remove the offending branches or tree with no damage to any of your prized possessions. This will require a professional tree lopper to ensure that any work undertaken at your home will be done in the safest possible manner with well maintained and high quality tools.

Cutting Edge

tree toolsPerhaps the most important tools a profession tree remover will have in their collection will be their cutting implements. Any good tree lopper will have a cutting tool for any aspect of their profession. Ranging from gigantic and powerful chain saws that may have a total length of over seven foot long and be used for removing only the largest of trees. Most tree-lopping professionals do not require such large machinery to undertaken standard suburban work, and many will often have two or three chainsaws of varying sizes to complete different sections of a job. But chainsaws are not the only type of cutting tools a tree removal professional will employ. Long handled loppers, and hand saws are common sights on a tree loppers job site, perfect for removing difficult to reach branches that are small enough to remove easily with a handsaw. Small pruners, handsaws and secateurs are also common cutting implements than an aborist may employ to keep your trees in good health.

Access All Areas

Gaining access to the trees around your home in sunny Brisbane will be one of the primary considerations for any tree removal specialist. This may be as simple as a well-placed ladder giving access to the trees that require attention. Most often however a tree lopper will require an intricate network of ropes, pulleys, a harness, karabiners, hooks, spurs, poles and blocks to gain safe and secure access to the effected trees. Any tree lopper worth their salt will be an experienced climber, well versed in load bearing ropes and the fine art of tying knots and securing heavy loads. This is an essential skill for any tree removal specialist, as it will enable them to safely drop large branches that may be positioned in a precarious way to the ground.

The final aspect of any tree removal job will be the removal of any debris created by the removal process. This may involve the removal of branches large and small. An exceptionally large branch once grounded may require further cutting to facilitate easy disposal. Once in small sections some home owners may request logs to be stacked for their open fire. Most however want all remnants of the tree removed, and with large jobs this necessitates the use of a mulching machine and stump grinder. Once the largest pieces have been disposed of, a professional tree removal specialist will return your yard to pristine condition, removing all leaf litter and twigs utilizing a leaf blower and even the humble rake.

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