The Weird And Wonderful World Of Beauty Treatments.

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Throughout human history people have sought to beautify themselves. In modern times we will often to go a beauty salon for a range of treatments from having our nails done, to changing our hairstyle to having a spray on tan. Not all beauty treatments are quite so typical so today we look at the styles and practices of Japan.

Wacky Japanese!

The Japanese seem to be able to out do every other country in the world in terms of crazy fads and weird hobbies. The world of beauty is no different.

Uguisu No Fun.

This ancient Japanese beauty practice has been used since the days of the Geisha. Did you ever wonder how that porcelain complexion was achieved, well wonder no more.  The answer is a Nightingale poo facial.  Apparently spreading a hefty dollop of nightingale faeces on your face has many benefits and assisted the early Geishas and Kabuki players to remove the heavy zinc and lead based face paints they wore. Nightingale guano has a high concentration of urea and guanine. The urea acts as an exfoliation agent and moisturiser, whilst the guanine helps fade excess skin pigmentation. This practice gained some notoriety after Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham advocated for it and convinced hubby David to use it as well. The practice is still used in high-end salons and treatments can cost up to $150.

Bagel Head

Bagelhead is bizarre!
Bagelhead is bizarre!

Possible one of the strangest beauty practices I have ever seen.  The Bagel head ‘Beauty’ therapy involves having 400 millilitres of saline solution injected directly into the forehead. The bulge is then massaged into the shape of a bagel or doughnut. Other versions are available with two bagels decorating the forehead. The treatment lasts for 6-24 hours and it is said that the saline is safely reabsorbed into the body. I think it looks like a big dimple. The Japanese are renowned for their love of cute, and what’s cuter than a dimple? A forehead dimple! Right?? Wrong! This treatment is highly controversial and there are a number of American states seeking to outlaw the practice. If the treatment appeals to you then for the relatively small cost of approximately $50 (flight to Japan not included) you too can have a big forehead dimple.

Ramen Spa

Ramen Spa
Ramen Spa

At Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, a specialty spa theme park in Hakone Japan, you can indulge in their newest specialty spa. The Raman Soup Bath. Filled with tasty treats, such as garlic, collagen and pepper the Ramen spa is said to have the effects of ‘refreshing your mind, warming your burned-out heart and inflaming your passion.’ But please don’t eat the noodles! The hand-crafted noodles are made from ingredients particularly designed to refresh and aid with moisture retention for the skin and leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted. If however a tasty soup bath does not appeal, then the food themed spa park has other attractions such as a green tea spa, a coffee spa and even a red wine spa. Make mine a champagne bath please!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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