The History Of Hysteria

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The word hysteria comes from the ancient Greek word for uterus. Through the 20th century however hysteria has often been referred to as a mental illness as opposed to its origins which related to the lack of female orgasm. During the 1800s many doctors would treat female exterior by stimulating a female orgasm to release the pent-up frustration which was apparently related to the hysterical or over emotional state of the woman. This was later proven to be not necessarily the case will stop in modern days term hysteria generally relates to panic attack or hysterical and over manic behaviours. For example the crowd went hysterical when the leader of the rock band stepped onto the stage. Clearly this does not mean that the entire audience of females required an orgasm.

Medical research.

In modern day times people will seek an erotic or a sensual massage to relieve their hysterical cravings which will leave them with a sense of satisfaction and well-being. Today some of the symptoms of female hysteria include anxiety shortness of breath irritability fainting and insomnia.
None of this is related to lack of female orgasm or lack of female sexual pleasure.

Emotionally upset

Many people will be described as being hysterical when they become emotionally upset. This can involve outbursts of crying, tantrums, manic behaviour and hysterical behaviour. Of course the word hysterical is also sometimes used to describe comedy as the crowd was laughing so much they became hysterical or the comedian was hysterical.

But when it comes to the history of the word hysteria it is from the ancient Greek word history which means of the worm so when it is said that she is his Terrigal maybe you should think twice because what someone is saying is that you need an orgasm.

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