The Best Safety Advice On Dealing With 240V Electricity On The Gold Coast.

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Safety tips for dealing with Electricity

Electricity is dangerous if handled improperly. To keep yourself, your home, and your employees safe on the job, consider the following safety tips.

                                                       Be Aware of Power-Lines!

Electrical HazardsElectricians, construction workers, and builders need to keep their eyes facing above in order to avoid electrical shock from overhead power-lines. Many accidents occur when electricians or phone-line workers come in contact with live wires. Avoid this scenario by keeping your eyes up.

Follow the AS/NZS 3000 Australian wiring rules

The Australian wiring rules are explicit in their requirements, and all electricians and construction workers do well to follow them. Some of the most important rules include proper signage around dangerous circuits, voltage drops for wiring, and prevention of mechanical damage from outside sources like nails and screws. Always adhere to these wiring rules to ensure that you protect the safety of the inhabitants as well as your own.

Hire a Certified Electrician to Install Surge Protectors

Installing and adjusting wiring always requires the hand of a skilled electrician. If you do not hire a skilled worker to install your surge protectors, you put your property and life at risk. Whether you are a business owner or home owner, always protect yourself by leaving electrical work in the hands of professionals.

Protect Your Appliances by Unplugging Them

During severe weather, it is always best to unplug your equipment and appliances to prevent damage. Electricity inside the home is conductive, so it is therefore best to prevent accidents by unplugging your electrical equipment before or during dangerous weather.

Call Before you Dig

Whether you plan on putting in a new sprinkler system or you are a contractor who is building a foundation, always call before you dig to make sure there are no live wires beneath your feet. Failing to so could result in serious injury or even a massive loss of power.

Keep these safety tips in mind and protect your property and your life in the process.

 Common electrical dangers in the household

 Due to the widespread use of electrical equipment, the hazards of electricity are a real. This is especially true in the home. If you’re concerned about your family’s safety and would like to prevent future accidents, consider the most common electrical dangers in the household and how you can avoid them.

Outlets in Close Proximity to Water

All bathrooms, kitchens, and even home exteriors have electrical outlets but when they are placed too close to water sources the results can be disastrous. Since water conducts electricity it is best to keep outlets as far away as possible from open water.

Touching Electricity with Wet Hands

This is both a common and extremely dangerous practice. Do your due diligence to make sure your hands and those of your children are always dry whenever you touch electrical outlets or electricity.

Using Extension Cords Improperly

Never run an electrical extension cord under a rug or behind fabric. The wires inside the cord can easily become frayed leading to electric shock or even fires if you aren’t careful.

Changing a Broken Bulb

If a light bulb has broken off inside the outlet you need to turn off the breaker prior to removing the bulb. Failing to do so could lead to electric shock as the current is still live. It is no different than touching a live wire.

Appliance “Fixes”

Even if you think you can handle fixing your appliance, it is always best to hire a professional. Stoves, refrigerators, and microwaves pack a lot of power and should be repaired by a professional to avoid injury.

Circuit Overloads

Placing too many appliances or electrical devices on a single outlet can result in fires or even shock. You can avoid this by using common sense and never try to put too many devices on the same circuit.

It’s easy to become apathetic towards electricity, but it is dangerous and should be respected. Keep your home safe by avoiding the hazards we’ve listed above.

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