How Professional Home Renovations Increases Resale Value.

February 23, 2018 | Building | By Jamie Grant | 0 Comments

A professional home renovation builders Brisbane can greatly increase the resale value of your home. In this article we have a look at a few ways that a professional home renovation can put extra money into your pocket when you sell your biggest asset.

Building From The Floor Up.

There are so many flooring options available, from parquet to linoleum to carpet or hardwood timber. If you are solely looking to increase the resale value of your home there is really only one option that consistently stands out from the crowd.

Whilst decorative flooring may please our personal aesthetic, we must remember that our tastes are not shared by everyone. Yet one style of flooring is consistently quoted as being the most desirable amongst all available flooring options.  A time magazine survey  has shown that 54% of all home buyers would pay more for a hard wood floor. Whilst  claims that installing a hardwood floor can add 2.5% to your property value.

It is not only the look of hard wood that people love. It is the feeling underfoot and that hardwood flooring is generally quieter than other forms of floor.  Hardwood is easier to clean and can be sanded back and refinished numerous times for that extra longevity.

My Kitchen Rules.

The kitchen is the premier room in a house. The look of the kitchen can net you considerably more on resale, just as a poorly presented kitchen will drastically drag down the resale value of your home. If you are looking to quickly increase the resale value of your home the best place to part with your hard earned cash is on a renovating or remodelling the kitchen.

The first and most important is to not over (or under) value the kitchen in comparison to the rest of the home. If you have a three bed brick and tile in the suburbs installing an all stainless steel gourmet kitchen with stone benches and walk in cool room would not mesh with the house or location. Consistency is key, make sure that your kitchen is in the same league as the rest of your home.

Some simple and relatively inexpensive upgrades to your existing kitchen are sure to give you a greater return on your investment. Recessed lighting, new plumbing fixtures and even resurfacing the benches can give your kitchen an outstanding new look without breaking the bank.

If your kitchen requires new plumbing or wiring, then look at doing a full kitchen makeover. Plan and budget accordingly. In reality the kitchen renovation may have a greater ROI, but conservative estimates avoid disappointment down the track. The rule of thumb is to not spend any more than 10% of the property value on a kitchen renovation. Here are some fantastic ideas for kitchen renovations for any budget. Real


As with any home renovation project having expert builders and tradesmen undertake the work is key to increasing the value of your home. Shoddy DIY kitchens will drastically reduce the resale value of your home. To make sure that you have the best home renovations builder contact us at: Fort Interiors renovation Builders Brisbane

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