Your Guide to Commercial Lighting On The Gold Coast

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downloadIf you are a builder or construction manager on the Gold Coast the outcome of your project is more often than not determined by the quality of products you invest in. When constructing commercial buildings, commercial lighting is critical. Each client likely has their own personal taste but you can steer them in the right direction and even present a selling point by carefully selecting appropriate lighting. Whether you are a builder or are commissioning a new building to be constructed , consider our guide to commercial lighting below. This Article is written by Dexco industries Gold Coast and is about Lighting Gold Coast for more information click here.

Look for energy efficient Lights on the Gold Coast

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important in new construction builds around the Gold Coast. As the government cracks down on businesses consuming high amounts of energy, and as business focus on energy efficient products, the need for high performing low-energy output lighting becomes more important. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for energy efficient lighting.
• LED’s are the most energy efficient bulbs available.
• CFLs are long-lasting and durable lighting bulbs perfect for businesses
• Choose your colors correctly based on your business. (Warm, Cool, Bright etc)

The Layers of Lighting

There are several layers of lighting to choose from for commercial businesses. These include:
• Ambient Lighting
• Task Lighting
• Vertical Lighting
• Accent Lighting

Depending on your business, each or all of these layers can be utilized to create the desired look.
Remember Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
Businesses do well to invest in LED lights for their outdoor fixtures on the Gold Coast. LEDs require minimal upkeep or change outs, go from dark to instantly bright even in cold weather, and offer customization such as dimming and lighting flexibility.
For more information about commercial lighting, feel free to browse through our website or give us a call. We are more than willing to answer any questions you may have about commercial lighting materials.

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