Finch Therapy Massage Case Study: Groin Strain in a Recreational Jogger.

August 18, 2015 | Massage | By Big Wig | 0 Comments

A 24 year old man presented to New Farm Physio & Massage Brisbane City  with an eight day history of right side groin strain.  He told me that eight days prior to seeking treatment he had kicked a soccer ball in the park in Brisbane’s CBD with a friend.  It was an activity he rarely did but he said the kicking and the running became quite intense and competitive.  Three days later he started to feel a twinge in the groin area which increased very early into his usual evening jog.  He stopped the jog, rested for a couple of days and then tried to run his normal distance.  Within 2 minutes, the groin pain was such that he had to cease his jog.  He also said he had difficulty lifting his leg when lying flat.  There was also a past history of one episode of low back pain which resolved well.

groin-injuryOn examination, it was found that the right pelvis was not moving as well as the left and it was also found to be rotated slightly forward and downwards in comparison to the left.  Using the Finch Therapy protocol, it was determined that the Gluteus Maximus muscle was responsible for this as it was not fully activated.  He was given instruction on how to activate this muscle at home.  Further examination revealed weakness in one of the pectoral muscles and he was given the appropriate take home exercise.

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In addition to the Finch Therapy, he was given advice on how to avoid aggravating the strain and how to activate his inner quads muscles.  He was also told to avoid stretching the groin area at this stage.


The client returned for a review a week later.  He said he had minimal if any pain and was generally feeling much better.  His pelvic alignment was checked and found to be normal.  The Finch exercises were to be continued bilaterally and the physiotherapy exercises were progressed to include strengthening of the inner quad and the gluteal muscles.  He was advised to practice the physio exercises until 20 reps became easy and then reintroduce his jogging gradually over 2 weeks.  He will be reviewed in three weeks or sooner if required.

  • Please note that the Finch Therapy exercises mentioned in this article where chosen on the basis of a thorough examination.  Other people with groin strains may not have those particular muscles affected.   I have had many other clients with groin strains and they have presented with their own particular group of underactive muscles.  The beauty of Finch Therapy is that it is very specific.  It helps clear the pain of muscle spasm so that normal movement patterns may be restored and effective strengthening commenced.

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