Constructing A Swimming Pool In Brisbane

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Having an in-ground swimming pool in Brisbane during the summer months can be one of the best investments you can make for your family, and your sanity. Over 1.2 million Australians have a swimming pool in their back yard and many more Australian families are constructing swimming pools to escape the suburban heat,

Whether you live Northside or Southside of Brisbane you can feel cool and refreshed on a hot summers’ day after taking a quick dip in your in-ground swimming pool. Having your own pool means that you can avoid crowded public pools and beaches, the exorbitant cost of the inevitable request for an ice-cream, not to mention the overheated traffic on the way to and from a public swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Construction -Time Lapse

How Can I get My Own In-Ground Swimming Pool?

The first thing you will need to do is work out if you have enough room on your land to construct a swimming pool. There will have to be extra room for fences and clear access to the swimming pool. You will have to tell the swimming pool design team how large you would like the pool and if you desire any features such as a mini waterfall, slip and slide for the kids or an attached spa. You will also have to determine what materials that you would prefer the swimming pool to be constructed from. Most Australians choose to go with an in-ground concrete pool due to the durability of concrete construction. A concrete in-ground swimming pool can also add significant value to your home. Other determining factors that sway most Brisbane home owners to choosing a concrete pool is the flexibility that comes with the design phase. You can have a concrete pool shaped any way you choose, whereas prefabricated vinyl lined or fiberglass pools only come in pre-set sizes and dimensions. If you truly desire a custom designed swimming pool a concrete pool is the best option.

A licensed swimming pool architect will be able to survey your land and inform you if there sufficient space for the in-ground swimming pool that you desire. The best swimming pool architect will work with you on a design that fulfils your needs and delivers the best possible in-ground swimming pool for your budget.

Determine Your Budget.

How much you invest in creating your dream in-ground swimming pool is a matter of personal discretion. You may have to explore possible finance options to fund the design and construction of your dream swimming pool. Many people will draw on their existing home loan to finance the construction of an in-ground swimming pool, as the swimming pool may well add value to your home.

Building Approvals For Your Swimming Pool

Once you have determined the budget and design of the swimming pool that you desire you will then commence construction of the swimming pool. Your swimming pool designer will be able to obtain all of the necessary approvals and permissions from the

local council granting permission for swimming pool construction. Most often you will not need a development application for the construction of the swimming pool, but it is best to check with the swimming pool architect to ensure that your swimming pool design is compliant. You will almost certainly need building approval for the swimming pool, for the excavation that will occur on your property and ensure that the construction, maintenance and fencing comply with the Building Act 1975, the Building Regulation 2006 and all relevant Australian standards. Your expert swimming pool designer will ensure that all regulations are met and standards are complied with.

Construction Of Your Swimming Pool

Once all of the legal regulations have been dealt with by the swimming pool designer the construction may commence. The first stage of any in-ground swimming pool construction is excavation. A hole that suits the design for the swimming pool must be dug first and then graded to be smooth. Then the steel or aluminium formwork will be laid to the specifications of the swimming pool architect to ensure the correct shape of the swimming pool. Then preliminary piping is added to the in-ground swimming pool to prepare for the plumbing phase. Concrete will be applied to the form work and smoothed over to make an even surface for tiling. Then the plumbing and electrical systems will be added to the swimming pool, including pumps and filtration systems. Finally the in-ground swimming pool will be tiled or finished to your design specifications.

Enjoying Your In-ground Swimming Pool.

Last but not least you will have to invite friends and family over to enjoy, admire and even envy your brand new custom designed in-ground concrete swimming pool. All you have to do is make the most of your luxurious pool for many years to come.

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