Case Study – Chronic Menstrual Migraine Sufferer

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BD is a 32 year old female from Brisbane with a 20+ year history of menstrual/period/hormonal migraines. She indicates the trigger for her migraines to be due to her period. She reports of suffering from migraines on the exact same day as her menstrual cycle. Her migraines would typically last for 3 days. The intensity of her symptoms are usually severe to the point that she would need to go home and rest in a dark, quiet room for 3 days before she could return to work. She has been to numerous specialists and has had multiple investigations with blood tests and scans which revealed nothing abnormal. She also reports of minor tension-type headache half way in between her cycle which normally lasts for 3-4 days.

Her headaches and migraines are on the left side. Pain is felt behind the left eye and left forehead region. It can swap to the right side however reports that 9/10 it is on the left side. She reports of nausea and vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound during her monthly migraine attack.

headache-attackBD was taking Imigran medication during her migraine attack and panadol during her less severe headache attack, which reported to help relieve her symptoms, but had never stopped an attack from occurring.

On examination, BD had developed a minor headache today which she rated the pain being a 3/10 along her left eye and forehead region, and reports that she is due for her full menstrual migraine in 2 weeks due to her monthly cycle. Her spinous process of the 2nd cervical spine was deviated out to the left. Her left, behind the eye pain, was intensified and eased along palpation of her left C2 articular pillar, and her frontal head pain was elicited with pressure along the left C1 articular pillar.

In her first session her C2 alignment was improved which consequently resolved her minor headache that day. Treatment then commenced on desensitising the brainstem and assuring her C2 was in correct anatomical position.

4 treatment sessions were given prior to her proposed period migraine attack. On the day of her cycle, BD called the clinic and announced that she had her menstrual cycle, however, did not have a migraine. She reported that this was her first time in over 20years that she was able to skip her monthly menstrual migraine attack.

3 further treatment sessions were given prior to her next proposed hormonal migraine attack. BD once again called the clinic on the day of her menstrual cycle to happily announce that she has not suffered from her migraine. She also reported that her minor headaches in between her menstrual cycle had vanished.

It has now been 8 months without any forms of menstrual migraine attack. Another great result and a perfect example of yet another patient receiving significant outcomes at the Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic.

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